Walking TO Athens FROM Thessaloniki

I am 57 years old , I live with one lung due to cancer , but for one week walking on the highway and will not put it down, so I , and the rest , because our request to remain in our work , is utterly law. If there was even a little nugget of justice in the government's decision to lose our work , none of us would not leave the house for a month and I walked up to Athens. "
Manolis Stathopoulos
In the group of school guards, who on Saturday morning closes one week on the road, driven to Athens from Thessaloniki, owned by 57 year old cancer patient Manolis Stathopoulos . The desperation caused by the specter of unemployment made them make the decision to spend walking distance Thessaloniki - Athens, to make all Greeks privy to their request not to lose their job.

About twenty school guards began at 7:00 Saturday, September 28 from Thessaloniki town hall . Some street buckled from health problems and bad weather , but the group of wayfarers not dwindled since added thereto and other than counties passing . "The fewer the miles , so it takes more power to deal with fatigue and achieve our goal . The solidarity and support of mayors , agencies , colleagues , and the entire world is huge, much larger than we expected , "he said in EgnatiaPost Mr. Stathopoulos .

Great help your team gets from the local medical services, when required. Two people, a woman and a meniscus problem man pulling transferred on Wednesday night in the hospital of Larissa and received the care and treatment of the doctors and nursing staff.
Under bridges , in tents

Approximately 200 kilometers went through until Friday afternoon the group of wayfarers - school guards, which is at Velestino , where it will stay overnight . Daily walking 5-6 hours, depending on weather conditions and fatigue , from 7.00 till 10.00 and from 16.00 until 19.00 . Accompanies a car - bid Workers Association of Thessaloniki for providing first aid and to transport clothes , food , tents , sleeping bags , etc.

At night they sleep in tents , however, several times we got lucky so far, after they were entertained in municipal gyms and sports centers ( Larissa , New Agathoupoli , New Perivoliou Larissa ) . In recent days the weather is not their ally , while the bridges were their refuge when they caught on the road heavy rain . In Athens expect to reach the 24-25 of October.

The support of the fans gives them strength , fatigue and weather were not intimidated , but they complain of the conduct of some police officers. As Mr. Stathopoulos , ugly to challenging the behavior of police tolls Malgaron until Korino Pieria. "In Malgara told us in a bad style not to get out on the street because the Highway Code , and then we were escorted four patrol cars , one of which lies ahead and we choked exhaust. The attitude of some police were the biggest problem we have encountered so far, " said Mr. Stathopoulos .

ΕΠΣ. Πιερίας